‘iPhone 5 test sample‘ images: Leaks

 ‘iPhone 5 test sample‘ images: Leaks

Images of an Apple device, supposedly the next-generation iPhone or iPhone 5, have surfaced on the internet. A website called KitGuru has published these pictures of the device, which boasts of a larger screen and other modifications, in line with the ongoing rumours about the next iPhone.

KitGuru’s Yong Lei has posted, “Out in the Far East, an early iPhone 5 has been spotted and we have managed to capture its reflected photons.” The post on the website goes on to call these images ‘pre-release test samples’ that are likely to be ‘cleaned up’ before the production model is unveiled.

The news report also said, “While Apple will have been looking at the increased size of theSamsung screens, there are some limitations for Apple based on the ‘1x’ and ‘2x’ nature of its app sizes. Also, Jobs wanted to keep a clear distinction between what is a tablet and what is a phone. As a result, the screen on the iPhone 5 is bigger – but not by much.”

Speculations have been rife in the smartphone industry that the upcoming iPhone will have a larger screen coupled with modified casing and micro-dock. The headphone jack is also speculated to be relocated to the bottom.

The leaked images of the supposed iPhone 5 show a device with a smaller dock connector and a 4-inch screen with resolution of 1136×640, consistent with the rumours. Apart from these, other modifications seen in the leaked pictures include large grills for the speaker and microphone, and a headphone jack, which is now placed at the bottom of the device.

The upcoming iPhone 5 is widely rumoured to be unveiled in September, though the Cupertino-based company has made no official confirmation.


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