Leak: Sony Xperia S custom ROM MIUI 2.7.6

Leak:  Sony Xperia S custom ROM MIUI 2.7.6

The MIUI custom ROM for the Sony Xperia S which is under closed beta has been leaked at xda-developers, according to Xperia blog. According to xda-developers, the features that are working include SMS, voice, wi-fi, camera and data (for few users). “The MIUI 2.7.6 ROM relates to Android 4.0.4 and will work for phones that have both unlocked and locked bootloaders, although you will need root access for the latter,” explains Xperia blog.

As per reports, some people are facing issues related to data working, while others are finding it “difficult” to glide from the Chinese language setting to English or any other languages. Users are advised to fix it by editing the system/build.prop file. Google Play apps store can be downloaded from the Chinese MIUI store or by flashing Google Apps package (GAPPS).


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