Thailand’s Media Tablet Market to Grow Exponentially in 2012

Thailand's Media Tablet Market to Grow Exponentially in 2012

Thailand’s media tablet market made a bright start to the first quarter of 2012 although the country was still reeling in from the effects of the devastating floods and some consumers held back from buying in anticipation of new models.

According to IDC, the overall market in 1Q12 posted significant growth of almost 250% over the same period last year. More than 200,000 units were shipped during this quarter.

Since the media tablet was introduced to the Thai market in 2010, it has been hugely popular and especially among tech-savvy consumers. Superior user experience and attractive price points are the main factors driving the rapid adoption of media tablets in the nation.

“Demand has exceeded supply of media tablets since its introduction. The good news is that efforts have been made to overcome shortage of supplies. In the meantime, vendors have been aggressively differentiating themselves in the market through promotions. The flurry of activities in the market have opened up more options for consumers and corporations. Furthermore, the expansion of wireless broadband also played an important role in stimulating media tablet adoption this quarter,” said Jarit Sidhu, Associate Market Analyst for Client Devices Research at IDC Thailand.

IDC expects media tablet shipment in Thailand to grow 125% in 2012 to reach more than 1.3 million units. This is inclusive of this year’s one tablet per child project. Demand will be led by consumers although emerging projects from the commercial and educational sectors will further boost its growth.


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