Sony Ericsson to pay Rs. 34,500 for selling defective mobile

Sony Ericsson to pay Rs. 34,500 for selling defective mobile

Noting that customers cannot remain at the mercy of service providers, a consumer panel has directed cellphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson to refund the cost of a defective handset to a customer and also pay Rs.10,000 as compensation for the same.
While directing Sony Ericsson to pay Rs. 24,500, the cost of the mobile, to Delhi resident Neeraj Arora, the Central District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum also directed the retail shop, which had sold the defective handset to him, to not stock “such hazardous goods” in future.

“We hold that the complainant (Arora) who had purchased the mobile handset of Sony Ericsson, a brand name in the market, from opposite party 2 (retail shop) has established that the opposite parties 1 and 2 (Sony Ericsson and the retail shop) are guilty of selling the defective goods.

“A consumer cannot be asked to remain at the mercy of service provider in the era of consumers friendly environment. We, therefore, direct Sony Ericsson to refund the sale price of mobile handset, Rs. 24,500, and to pay Arora Rs. 7,000 as compensation for harassment and Rs. 3,000 as cost of litigation. We further direct the retail shop not to keep such hazardous goods in future,” the bench presided by B B Chaudhary said.

Arora in his complaint said he had bought the Sony Ericsson mobile phone (Model U1i) for Rs. 24,500 from a retail store in July, 2010.

He had alleged the handset was having problems right from the beginning and used to ‘hang-up’ adding that after he had given it for repairs, its ringer had stopped working suddenly.

The mobile continued to have problems and the retail shop, which was also an authorised service centre, was not able to repair it, he had alleged.

The forum proceeding ex-parte against the company and the retail shop, as no one had appeared for them despite serving of notice, observed it was their duty to address Arora’s grievances but they had not done so.


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