8000 Facebook members die every day. What happens to their profiles?

8000 Facebook members die every day. What happens to their profiles?

Five months ago, Russ Hearl had a friend pass away suddenly. Hearl found out about it on Facebook, and, going to the friend’s profile page, found several comments that he had posted the very day he died.

That’s when he decided there needed to be a better way to memorialize a fallen Facebook friend.

“I asked myself what really happens to someone when they pass away … and what happens to their profile?” Hearl told VentureBeat. “And, is Facebook the right place to remember them?”

(We’ve considered this question before on VentureBeat … and in fact there have been occasions in which Facebook has declared someone dead a little prematurely.)

Hearl didn’t want to create what he calls a “lame memorial site” at Legacy.com or Tributes. Legacy.com powers the obituaries of many local newspapers and charges about $50/year for a memorial site. Tributes offers a one-photo page, with an obituary, for $10 in perpetuity.

But Hearl decided that Facebook was indeed the right place: the place where many people have lived most of their online lives.

“I really wanted to create a separate space within Facebook to celebrate the lives of those who have passed away.”

So he founded Evertalk. As of today the app has been live on Facebook for about four weeks, and users have created 3,000 memorials.

Source: venturebeat.com


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